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Why attend

The Middle East region has strong energy related, industrial, manufacturing and agro-manufacturing companies.

IR4.0 ME will look to these companies involved in key segments such as Energy and Environmental Protection, Industrial Metals, Manufacturing, Safety and Security, Logistics and Industrial Facilities, Maritime Industries as well as Training for Industry within the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The economic stakeholders in the Middle East must be proactive in shaping this technology and dealing with any disruption. This requires global cooperation and a shared view of how technology is reshaping our economic, social, cultural and individual lives.

Summit Schedule

  • Day 1

    7th October, 2020

  • Global and Regional Trends and Analysis

  • • Defining the technologies that are transforming manufacturing: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics and Internet of Things
    • Case studies to explain how these technologies are being used
    • Hear about the benefits of deploying some or all of these technologies

  • • Solar Utility
    • Alternative Renewable Energy
    • Smart Metering
    • (more subtopics to be added)

  • • Aeronautical (appropriate explanation)
    • Industrial (appropriate explanation)
    • Health (appropriate explanation)

  • • Defining the IoT reality
    • From Idea to Implementation: How to roll out an IoT Solution

  • Chalk Talk 1: Deploying Edge, Fog and Cloud Computing for Industry
    • How do edge, fog, and cloud computing converge?
    • How do edge, fog and cloud computing impact predictive maintenance?
    • What capabilities are enabled or enhanced through the use of edge computing?
    • What is the biggest paradigm shift to manufacturing operations as a result of edge computing?

    Chalk Talk 2: Practical Use of 3D Printing Technologies and Robotics for Repairs and Maintenance
    • Assessing the potential of ‘repair bots’ and 3D printing technologies to manage repairs
    • Fast-tracking rapid repair services with 3D and robotics technologies
    • Managing material wastage, complex and restrictive design, and limited availability of skilled labour

    Chalk Talk 3: Robot Skill Transfer from Simulation to Real World Deployment in Manufacturing Industries and Warehouses

    Chalk Talk 4: The Application of Big Data for Smart Manufacturing
    • Dynamics of Big Data analytics and AI to edge computing in smart factories

  • Day 2

    8th October, 2020

  • • 5G, 4G or LTE reliable connectivity is crucial in linking the thousands of IoT devices in a smart factory
    • Alternative private connectivity options
    • Cellular or fixed wires

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  • • What kinds of skills and competencies do we need for 21st century manufacturing
    • How do we transition workers into roles that don’t yet exist from current roles that won’t exist in the future?
    • Upskilling for Industry 4.0
    • How should industry, higher education and government collaborate to prepare us for a time when even skilled positions are automated?

  • • The State of Industry in the Middle East
    • What does the future hold?

  • Chalk Talk 1: Identifying Key Cyber Threats Across the Manufacturing Line & the Tools to Combat Them
    • Identifying vulnerability in the endpoints of connected networks
    • Detecting cyber intrusions and treating them effectively evaluating different cybersecurity platforms to understand what works best

    Chalk Talk 2: The Application of Blockchain Technologies
    • Adoption of Blockchain Technologies in helping streamline supply chain processes
    • Introduction to Distributed Ledger Technologies

    Chalk Talk 3: 4.0 for Small-to-Medium Enterprises - Are You There Yet?
    • What’s the 4.0 roadmap for your Company?
    • Digital transformation: where to start, where to focus
    • How to shift from traditional operations to Industry 4.0
    • Driving the design through predictive analysis
    • Collaborating with suppliers to write a specification and ensure best value
    • How to choose when to automate your operations

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